“Wake Up” Your Mind To Be Happier With This Powerful Morning Ritual

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A lot of people love to do affirmations first thing in the morning – to keep themselves feeling peppy and positive.

I myself have some favorite go-to affirmations which I love.

But…I gotta say, sometimes I’ve noticed that affirmations just don’t work.

Especially if I’m feeling particularly curmudgeon-y – which is when I need the mental and emotional support the most.

Has this ever happened for you too?

My clients have told me it happens for them a lot.

The problem?

Often when you’re in a highly negative state, then fluffy, hyperbolic, one-size-fits-all peppy affirmations will simply feel like false hype – and you’ll have trouble absorbing them into your thought system.

The solution?

I recommended doing what I call “Antidote Thought Therapy” – the thought breakfast of champions!

“Antidote Thought Therapy” is very different than affirmations – because it’s about finding and repeating BELIEVABLE FACTS – which logically counteract the negativity in your subconscious and conscious minds.

Basically, unlike affirmations, “Antidote Thought Therapy” is a thought system based in logic and personalization – as well as positivity.

Rather than repeat that one-size-fits-all positive affirmation, you take 5 to 10 minutes of time to write out a highly personalized list of “Antidote Thoughts”  – a range of factual reasons for you to logically prove to yourself that you should be feeling happy, loved and successful – and logically disprove negativity as an option.

How does it work?

Let me explain with the same example I mentioned earlier.

Let’s say you wake up feeling negative – and find yourself with a loop of self-flagellating thoughts that make you feel like you’re gonna mess up a big client meeting.

You might potentially write things like….

  1. I remember I was nervous before that meeting in October – and I slamdunked that meeting.  I can slamdunk again!
  2. This client I’m meeting with today has often told me how much they love my ideas- even told me I’m smart. I’m sure I’ll be smart in this meeting.
  3. I scored high on my SAT’s! I’m smart! I’m sure I’ll be able to present something smart to the client.
  4. I remember my college professor told me that my thesis paper was the best he’d read in over a decade – because it was full of innovative ideas. I’m truly capable of being smart and outside of the box in my thinking.
  5. I spent many hours preparing – and truly understand the client’s needs and business. Plus I slept a good 8 hours. I’m sure this combo of preparedness and energized clarity will help to make the client putty in my hands.

After you’ve written down your morning Antidote Thoughts, read them through a few times. Soon you should feel a shift in your energy, mood and confidence – a much greater shift than you’d experience with affirmations alone – because you’ve chosen to unknot the root of your negative beliefs -– instead of just putting some positivity fluffy icing on top of your negative beliefs.

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