Develop Pain-aramic Vision: Unblock What’s Holding You Back From Joy

Steps To Unblock what's holding you back
Are you experiencing repeated problems and disappointments in either love or career or friendships or health – or a combo of a few of these?

If so, you’re experiencing “programmed destructive beliefs” – via your subconscious mind.

Why do you have programmed destructive beliefs? That’s easy: Life is difficult.

As Carl Jung said: “When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside as fate.”

Without gaining consciousness into your daily thought patterns, you can find yourself going from saying…

“I’m having one of those days” 


“I’m having one of those years” 


“I’m having one of those lives.”

Steps To Unblock what's holding you back
Today I want to help you to change your daily “programmed” thoughts  –  so you can change your life.


  • I’m going to help you to jackhammer drill down into the depths of your subconscious – until you discover the limiting thinking getting in your way of happiness.
  • Then we’re gonna “re-program” your subconscious – turning “destructive beliefs” into“instructive beliefs” – so you’re supported and re-directed to go where the most happiness and love are to be found.

I call this developing “PAIN-A-RAMIC” vision.

What is “pain-a-ramic vision”? It’s a simple 8 step process –  that will help you to gently but  fully re-explore the pain in your life – with a 360 degree lens.

With the help of this  360 degree lens process, you’ll be better able to truly view the gain in your pain — all those valuable lessons learned. And by so doing, you’ll turn your present “destructive beliefs” into helpful “instructive beliefs” – thereby unblocking the negative beliefs which are getting in your way of joy.


  1. Breathe deeply. Enter a meditative state. Dare to think about your five most painful disappointing life incidents.
  2. Become physically aware of how your body feels thinking about these incidents. Do you feel tense in your stomach, neck, head, back? There’s a neuroscientific reason for starting with this physical focus — given to me by neuroscientist and psychologist Dr. Goulston. He suggests that to achieve your best stream of consciousness, it helps to start at the lowest spheres of your brain — your
    Steps To Unblock what's holding you back
     animal sphere – then rise up to your emotional — then thirdly head into your neocortex – your highest rational brain processing. This slow but steady upward search for truth is the least scary for people to engage in.
  3. Next up… Answer the following questions: “When it comes to (love, success, friendship, health), I believe that…” “I don’t believe that…” “I blame my bad life results on….” “I fear….” “My childhood taught me when it comes to (love, success, friendship, health) to expect….” “Society taught me when it comes to (love, success, friendship, health) to expect…” “The media taught me when it comes to (love, success, friendship, health) to expect…” “I had a trauma/crisis which taught me when it comes to (love, success, friendship, health) to expect….”
  4. Put all your worries from step # 3 on trial — cross-examining each DESTRUCTIVE BELIEF like a tough attorney – until you are able to turn it into an INSTRUCTIVE BELIEF.
  5. Dispute and discredit your (b)lame excuses from step #3 — by gathering POSITIVE EVIDENCE otherwise — displaying proof of your talents, energy, and willpower to get what you want.
  6. Dispute and discredit your “mythaken thinking” from step #3 — by gathering POSITIVE EVIDENCE that the world has supported plenty of others in their dreams – so you’re next up, baby!
  7. Dispute and discredit false fears unearthed in step #3 — by gathering lots of CONTRADICTORY EVIDENCE — proving your limited beliefs are just that — limited!
  8. Complete the following sentences: “Lucky, unlucky me, from this bad time I learned…” “Lucky, unlucky me, from this bad time I became more….”“Lucky, unlucky me, from this bad time I met …
  9. Find examples of consistently happy, people who are successful in your topic of disappointment/pain – and spend as much time as possible with them – further shifting your belief system to the highly positive.

Steps To Unblock what's holding you back
I promise that if you bravely jackhammer down and get to the root of your limiting beliefs, you’ll be on your way to living a life you love!

And while on your life path, from here-on-in your fears and worries will become a lot less scary — as surely as when Dorothy faced up to the Wizard of Oz, and discovered that the little Wizard was nothin’ much to worry about!

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Karen Salmansohn (Founder)

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