The Number 1 Cause Of Break Ups

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I can sum up in three “acts” the breakdowns and breakups of most relationships since the beginning of time:

Act 1: You hurt me.

Act 2: Because you hurt me, I now hurt you.

Act 3: Because you hurt me, I now hurt you and so you hurt me again and so I hurt you—and downward spiraling we shall go.

John Gottman, the famed founder of The Love Lab (a research lab where couples are studied), says he can consistently predict how long a relationship will last, not based on how well a couple gets along, but by how well a couple doesn’t get along.

A relationship is only as strong as how well couples can deal with their weakest link:


In the 3 act story above, Act 2 represents the big breaking point for whether or not you have a break up point.

The solution should play out like this…

Act 1: You hurt me.

ari salmansohn
Act 2: I explain how you hurt me – describing how I felt about what you did.

I then ask you to see things from my point of view – while also asking you to explain your point of view.

I try to keep an open perspective.

Act 3: You then explain to me why you chose to hurt me – what you were thinking and feeling when you did.

You might choose to defend what you did – but you try to remain open to seeing how you could have done things differently.

The goal for both people should be:

Instead of acting out, go inward and become introspective.

Talk about how you see things – and how you feel things.

Stay open to the other person’s point of views.

Main Lesson:

When you’re in a couple, it’s as if you’re both team members of a team called “Team Love.”

If you hurt the other, you’re hurting the whole team – and Team Love loses.

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