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9 Calming Quotes To Help With Toxic People

Do you have challenging people in your life – who create stress, drama, upheaval? I call these people Drama Llamas. But you might have other less cute names for them. You might call them: irrational, impossible, manipulative, confrontational, untrustworthy or […]

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9 Inspiring Quotes For Busy Moms

I love being a mom. Best gig I’ve ever had! Also the busiest gig I’ve ever had.  I’m guessing if you’re a mom you can relate. With this in mind, below are 9 inspiring quotes for busy moms Some of these […]

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A 15 Second Instant Happy Mood Booster

Feeling stressed or depressed? Here’s an Instant Happy Mood Booster! My son showed me this adorable video. It made me smile – so I thought I’d share! Feel free to bookmark this page and visit it whenever you need a […]

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