How to talk to and cope with a bad boss

I once worked at an ad agency owned and run by a moody man by the name of George Miller (a pretend name to protect his not-so-innocent identity). Anyway….Miller had such crazy mood swings, we jokingly referred to our agency […]

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Good News For Good People!

Good news if you’re a good person! Bouncing back from a life challenge,  will be a little easier for you! Read on… As many of you know, Aristotle is my favorite philosopher – for many reasons. In particular, I love […]

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The Law Of Attraction Needs The Law Of Perspiration

The Law Of Attraction does not work without The Law Of Perspiration! I bring this up because I feel there’s  a lot of talk about the power of manifesting – and “doing positive affirmations” and “doing positive visualizations!” I’m a […]

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A Helpful Work/Life Balance Quote

Are you having enough work/life balance? Remember: It’s called the “weekend” – not the “weakend.” Dorothy never said there’s no place like office. Make sure you’re spending enough time with family and beloved friends. You might want to read my […]

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Career tip: Stop Staring at Your Alligators

Do you keep threatening to pursue your truest passions – but can’t seem to find the time, energy and courage to motivate? I relate. Truly! I wasn’t always a full-time writer. Over a decade ago I was a Sr. Vice […]

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